For many years, the BVAA has organised desktop exhibitions at our customers' premises.

These zero-cost, hassle-free events are designed to meet your needs, at your convenience.
Click here to download our 'Desktop Exhibitions' PDF.


  • Essential updates for Procurement, Engineering 'admin' and trainee staff
  • Hassle-free - BVAA will manage the whole event for you
  • Zero cost - BVAA will pass on no costs
  • Desktop style - desks typically 3ft x 5 ft
  • Professional approach - each desk will have samples of products, display material and technically competent staff
  • Usually set during lunch periods for minimum 'downtime'
  • Opportunities for staff to get 'hands on' experience of products they might not otherwise see....
"This event provided a good opportunity for the company's younger buyers and engineers to view the products and gain an appreciation of their complexity and size - something they are only normally able to see when on a site visit"

Bill Ashby, Stone & Webster.

Previous Hosts

  • Ministry of Defence (MOD)
  • Foster Wheeler
  • AMEC
  • Score
  • M W Kellogg
  • Stone and Webster
  • Snamprogetti
  • British Energy
  • Aker Kvaerner
  • Brown & Root (KBR)
  • Parsons