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BVAA used to run a separate Seals WG but this has not met formally for some years (some work has continued in the Valve WG).

It usefully covered Fugitive Emissions (ISO & other standards bodies), some aging but still current British Standards, Training Courses etc., and it also held discussions on informative events for the wider membership.

BVAA actually has more Seals companies than it did when the WG was active, so we’d like to see if there is any interest in forming a TEG and exploring what work needs doing and whether we should set up such a forum – contact

Similarly we do now have significant representation from the materials-supply sector, studs, springs etc.

If anyone from these sectors would like to explore the benefits of forming topic-specific TEGs, we’d love to hear from you.

We could definitely also do with some new blood for our Actuator WG.