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The Department for International Trade has signed an MRA with Australia on the 18th January, and an MRA with New Zealand on the 21st January, that replicates all aspects of the Agreement relevant to the UK/Australia and the UK/New Zealand.
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This is a continuity agreement, which means all relevant aspects of the current EU agreement with Australia and New Zealand will continue to operate:
• UK, Australian and New Zealand CABs designated under the EU-Australia MRA/EU-New Zealand MRA will continue to be designated in the UK-Australia MRA/UK-New Zealand MRA, which enters into force once the UK leaves the EU
• Each sector currently covered in the EU-Australia MRA and EU-New Zealand MRA will continue to be covered

The agreements will now be laid before Parliament for approval under the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010.
A mutual recognition agreement allows the parties to designate conformity assessment bodies (CABs) to be recognised under another country’s conformity assessment regime. So a UK CAB can be accredited by UKAS to test against Australian and New Zealand regulations.

The agreements with Australia and New Zealand covers mutual recognition of:
• Automotive products
• Low Voltage Equipment
• Machinery
• Medical Devices
• Pressure Equipment

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