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We have had more feedback on this report all of which has so far been exceedingly positive:

“We found the report very interesting and used it to ensure we were tracking the right projects and to investigate further any of those we were less familiar. Accessing the report I found to be straightforward with no problems.”

“I was extremely impressed with the level of information that was provided in the Westwood Global report. As a business which is actively targeting the Valves & Actuators market, the report was very useful. It also confirmed a lot of my own market research on the major companies in the market place and the various sectors they are working in. In terms of accessing the report, I thought this couldn’t have been explained any clearer by the BVAA. It was a simple exercise that took me a few minutes to complete.”

With such glowing feedback we would urge all members who haven’t already done so to make use of this report or if you have already accessed please submit your own thoughts and feedback to us.
Should you require a step by step guide on how to access it please contact