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Spring Conference Speakers

Nigel Goodrich - Fit for Nuclear, Supplier Development Programme
Nigel is the Fit for Nuclear Industrial Advisor at the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, responsible for engaging with manufacturing companies, assessing their readiness to win work in the nuclear sector, supporting and mentoring them through their Fit for Nuclear journey. Nigel previously worked as an advisor for the Manufacturing Advisory Service as well as the automative sector and has run his own consultancy business too.

Nigel Goodrich will present an overview of the NAMRC, with a focus on the F4N programme. He will explain how the Nuclear AMRC helps manufactures win work in nuclear, and introduce its world-leading capabilities for industry-focused manufacturing innovation. He will also provide a detailed look at how the F4N programme can help companies prepare to bid for nuclear work – what it involves, what benefits it can bring, and what companies need to know before they begin.

Anthony Tutaj - Russian Certification, what’s required and how to proceed with approval
After graduating in Finance from the Loyola University of Chicago in 2005, Anthony focussed on commercial and residential credit lending, before taking the opportunity to work with Sercons in Zurich, Switzerland in 2014. Anthony began at Sercons just as the transition was being made from the old GOST TR Certificates to the new TR CU (EAC) certifications, allowing Anthony to become well-versed in the requirements of the new TR CU technical regulations.

Anthony will take an overview of the countries for which the CU TR (EAC) Certifications apply and active projects in Russia and Kazakhstan. With particular focus on which Technical Regulations apply to valves and actuators, as well as the procedural process to obtain these approvals, which is expected to be provided to the end-client in Russia. Anthony will also discuss the similarities to PED and introduce a valuable tool that members can use to determine whether or not TR CU 032/2013 is applicable to their business.

Fraiser Maitland - Fire Testing in the Oil and Gas Industry - A Pragmatic Approach
Fraser has been in the oil and gas industry for over 7 years, starting as a Graduate Engineer at AMEC. Today his role has developed to a Piping Engineer (CEng MIMechE) at WorleyParsons, predominantly involved in the design and installation of piping systems for various North Sea, assets as well specialising in Piping Materials group, providing consultation on valve engineering, metallurgy and the writing of piping class specifications. Fraser is also a professional bagpiper in his spare time- playing worldwide in Tattoos and competitions.

Kevin Ledwith - How UK Export Finance can support UK Exporting Companies
Kevin is an Export Finance Manager for UK Export Finance in the North-West, assisting companies in understanding export finance requirements and identifying an appropriate solution. This maybe via the private market or by using UK Export Finance assistance. He has more than 30 years’ experience dealing with importing and exporting companies working in the International,
Trade and Treasury departments of Barclays, National Australia Bank and Lloyds. Kevin has a degree in Finance from UMIST, is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and graduate of the Institute of Export.

Kevin will set out how the UK Government, acting through UK Export Finance (UKEF), can assist the UK’s exporting companies to win and fulfil contracts and ensure payment.

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