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Brazil O&G and Marine Highlights

DIT News of the Brazilian Market.

DIT team in Energy and Marine can help you navigate opportunities to help grow your business internationally. Here are some of the current export opportunities, in the Brazilian market.

Brazil - Pipeline joints
A subsea firm is looking for UK suppliers of pipeline joints.

Brazil - Calculation engineering
A major oil and gas company is looking calculation engineering services.

Brazil - Subsea welding
A major oil and gas company is looking for subsea welding services.

Brazil - Field joint coating services
A major oil and gas company is looking for suppliers of subsea coating services.

Brazil - Shipbuilding projects
A marine fund has issued funding for shipbuilding and shipyard construction.

Brazil - Stainless steel heads
A local company is looking for UK manufacturers of steel heads.

Brazil - Mooring cables
A company wants High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) mooring lines.

Brazil - High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) cables
A company needs HMPE double braid cables.

Although these opportunities may not be specific to valves / actuators, there are plenty others that are. We highly recommend searching opportunities via the link below, or signing up to their newsletters.

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