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Dangers of Stock Photo Usage

We are getting lots of articles for Valve User (great!!) but we must warn Members again about getting the correct permissions for the use of ‘stock’ or ‘library’ photos that are sourced externally.

One of our members got a massive bill once for using such a stock photo for which that they hadn’t secured full permissions for use. Criteria which such libraries layer on charges for can include, among others, PRINT-use only, ONLINE only or TIME-RESTRICTED use.

It’s well worth checking out before using any stock photo that ALL these permissions have been secured, because Valve User is printed, is available online, and stays on the web indefinitely. You need all these uses clearly defined in your agreement with the photo library supplier.

Securing monies by ‘fining’ and/or penalising alleged illegal use is now big business. And some companies are relentless in their pursuance.

The alternative of course is to take your own photo, or use a company product shot instead (much easier, and you have much greater confidence that it’s YOUR IP then).