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BSI Webinar on Brexit

As advised in last week’s Link Up, on Monday 4th December 2017, BSI streamed another webinar on the position and progress when it comes to Standardisation and ‘Brexit.’

BSI’s ‘stability and continuity’ policy is being, well, continued. Standards-makers (experts) are encouraged to continue with their CEN/CENELEC commitments, as BSI plan to maintain their membership of this NON-EU organisation (tweaking – with their agreement - the organisation’s statutes to overcome any perceived eligibility issues – N.B. both organisations already have non-EU members). BSI will also remain members of ISO and IEC – over 50% of international standards are already BSI standards.

At stated, BSI will continue with the ‘single national standard’ model – with no conflicting standards. The preference is for international standards first, ENs where no ISO exists, and only then - as a fall back - a standalone British Standard.

Any potential for unintentional regulatory divergence however will be flagged by BSI to Government at the earliest opportunity with the aim of heading it off before it happens. BSI have staff seconded to BEIS and the Government’s Dept. for Exiting the EU.

Some divergence may occur eventually, but is regarded as unlikely at present, and there are different ways of dealing with it when it arises. Interestingly there is already an existing provision in CEN standards for ‘A-deviations’ – where a national regulation means that a certain part of a standard cannot apply in a certain state.

But for now it’s ‘business as usual.’