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Mastergear WorldwideMastergear Worldwide

Regal Manufacturing Ltd, Marshall Way, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 1XU

Tel No: 01427 614141
Fax No: 01427 617513

Mastergear, world leader in the supply of manual and motorisable gear actuators to an international customer base has lead to Mastergear becoming established as the generic name in the industry.

Mastergear worldwide consists of four divisions located in UK, USA, Germany and Italy, supplying actuator gearbox solutions to the water and sewage, oil and gas, petrochemical and allied processing industries.

As a division of the Regal Beloit Corporation, a leading producer of mechanical and electrical motion control products, Mastergear worldwide has the corporate commitment and resources for continued growth through innovative product development.

Mastergear provides the most comprehensive range of manual and motorisable gear actuators and support service in the world. The product range covers part-turn worm gears up to 750,000 Nm torque and multi-turn bevel or worm gears up to 33,000 Nm torque and 3,000 KN thrust. All available in a range of environmental specifications including sub-sea applications down to 3,000 metres, ATEX certified products for explosive atmospheres and nuclear compliant products.

Worm gears are self-locking and ratios for manual use ensure compliance with the various specifications for hand wheel rim effort. Larger gearboxes can be supplied with a two speed input for efficient operation of the valve.

Motorisable gearboxes are ISO 5210 compliant with ratios and torque breaks to suit all types of multi-turn electric actuators.

A range of manual override part-turn worm gear actuators are designed to be sandwich mounted between the valve and pneumatic or hydraulic actuator. Both interfaces comply with ISO5211.

Standard products are available on very short lead times. Customisation and adaptation of standard products is available locally at the Mastergear division, supported by qualified engineers and manufacturing facilities. Our quality and service consistently exceed our customer’s expectations


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